Our sales channels

We help you grab the sales momentum, no matter what sales channel you use today to reach out to your customers. Our clients score consistently a higher conversion rate compared to their traditional way of selling.

How they do it ? By making the best use of our platform: creating small contextual offers that they put in front of their customers, at the right time.
Why choose Shopitag ?
Simple shops work
Ability to create multiple relevant shops instead of 1 big webshop
Full customisation
Customize your online shops exactly to your liking, with colors, themes, images...
Unlimited products
No limit on products, inventory, variants, options, however we advise to put maximum 6 products per shop
Multiple sales channels
Link your shops to one or more sales channels (Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, your website, Messenger, ...)
Facebook integration
Native support for Facebook stores, Facebook Messenger, ...
See how your shops perform
All statistics and metrics to easily follow the performance of your shop
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