Sell on Facebook and Instagram using Shopitag
With Facebook/Instagram being the mammoth that is is, it's the perfect channel for you to start selling your products. There are more than 1,1 billion mobile users every day on the Facebook platform. It's clear that the opportunities to sell products on facebook are there, but how to make the most out of these opportunities isn't always very clear.

In this article we give you some more information how to kickstart your different Shopitag shops on these popular platforms.
So why pop up shops and what is Shopitag exactly?

Online pop up-shops give your business extra visibility and present an innovative approach to sell online. Thanks to the no-nonsense, simplistic vibe that Shopitag brings, it has the potential to create an online revenue generator.

Below we list 4 different techniques you can make use of to get your Shopitag shops online.
Put a Shopitag shop into your Facebook page
Using Shopitag to embed its pop-up shop onto your Facebook-page is probably the most easy way to sell your products. Facebook basically has become a part of our lives, and by selling through your Facebook-page, you increase your customers brand-awareness by giving promotions, ads.

The most convenient thing about this way of selling is the fact that your customer can stay in Facebook to make their purchase. With customer centricity being the main reason for this evolution it is quite obvious that the best way to sell more is to give your customer what they want.

Depending on how you decide to style your shop: see the picture below to see how your Shopitag-Facebook-shop could look like.
The "SHOP NOW"-button on your page
This a quite often overlooked opportunity. Everybody is using the tab that in the menu of their Facebook-page that I mentioned before. Don't get me wrong, it works! But because of that they forget to activate this Shop Now-button. A lot of business owners underestimate the impulsiveness of buyers, they underestimate how many there are out there. Trust us, there are plenty!

We've probably all been there before: looking at an article, doing your research about that specific product, being in love with it, but it's not necessary to buy it at that moment. Now that's where the (internet) cookies come in. Thanks to the magic of internet cookies, you all of the sudden see those awesome shoes pop up on your Facebook-feed. They still look pretty awesome, you can still imagine wearing them. You click "Shop now", throw those shoes in your shopping cart and before you know it you're the proud owner of those awesome shoes.

From a marketing point of view, this makes sense: the more steps you ask your client to take, the more opportunities you create for your client to get distracted by cat videos.
So by cutting out unnecessary steps with this Shop Now-button, you increase your chances to convert those impulsive visitors into buyers.

Read all about here to set up your Shop Now-button!

Selling on Instagram
80 % of Instagram's 800 million users are already following IG business accounts that release shoppable content. It's thanks to this new feature that it has been made a whole lot easier for entrepreneurs to try and make their products reach their public: users can complete their buying journey without having to leave Instagram!

Instagram themselves stated: "Once a business has a product catalog connected to their account, tagging a product is as simple as tagging a person in a post."

So it's clear that this new feature is an incredible opportunity for businesses to convert their followers into customers.

In order to sell your products on Instagram you have to add your Shopitag-shop to your Facebook Catalog.

A big downside of selling on Instagram is that it isn't an option for everybody unfortunately, you have to build your community and only if your page is big enough, Instagram will allow you to on their platform.

Watch our video here where we explain how to upload your Facebook Catalog the fastest and most efficient way possible!
Selling through
Facebook Ads
Facebook, Facebook Ads or any social media channel for the past year has grown into an amazing innovative and creative way for a business to sell their products. So much so even that social media has become one of the most effective paid advertising channels.

The set-up for Facebook Ads is that easy that we even list it as a reason to start using it, it's that easy! In the world of ecommerce it has become a relief if you finally find a place to advertise that is not too expensive and that is easy to set up. You can set up a Facebook Ads-campaign with little as 10 euros. Facebook having 1,1 billion users everyday, that's cheap for the opportunities you can create for yourself!

Just like with Instagram Shopping you have to upload your Shopitag-shop to your Facebook Catalog in order to use them in Facebook Ads. How you do that is easily explained in this video of us!
You will find all of our Facebook sales channels under "Sales channels" in the left menu of your Shopitag-account. Click it and you will see all the possible sales channels, even those that are not Facebook related.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Any feedback, suggestions or just loving your new webshop, share it with us!
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