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Is the freemium plan really free ?
The Freemium basic plan is indeed absolutely free. No payment required. No credit card to provide. There are some limits: you can't do more than 3 transactions in a month, and our logo will show as a watermark in your shop. As a last limitation, you can not sell virtual services (for example, like webinars) in the freemium plan.

When you hit the mark of 3 transactions, the shop will stop accepting orders.
What's the difference between yearly and monthly plans?
In the monthly plans you pay month-by-month, so you can stop your account every single month. In the yearly plan, you pay a full year upfront. In exchange to that, you get a nice discount. For example, in the starter plan you pay month-by-month 25 euro per month, while in the yearly plan you only pay 14.95 euro (x 12 months).
What's a pop-up shop ?
In Shopitag you can define multiple small campaign shops, for a long or short period. We call these webshops "pop-up shops". You can link your pop-up shops to all the sales channels we support. Pop-up shops can have one or more products.
How many pop-up shops do I need ?
That question is fully up to you. Some of our clients have 1 pop-up shop and link it to all of their channels, some of our clients have 1 pop-up shop per sales channel. Some clients run a lot of Facebook ads and per ad they create a shop, ... so it's really depending on your strategy.
Do you support my Payment Provider ?
We support today already 22 Payment Service Providers, with plans for even more. We support the international known players like Stripe, and Paypal, but also local players like PayU Latin America, iDEAL (Netherlands), or Bancontact (Belgium). Contact us if you want to know if we support your Payment Provider.
What is conversational commerce? Do I need it?
Conversational commerce comes roughly down to either chat, either voice combined with e-commerce. If you sell a product that needs some consideration for your customer, or you plan to apply more upsell or cross-sell techniques, it could definitely be worthwhile to consider. You can find also more info on our conversational commerce page.
Why no prices in the advanced plans?
Companies choosing the advanced plans prefer having an individual approach, and therefore we cater to that. It's impossible for us to have a one-fit-all pricing here.
Can I pay this subscription in my own currency ?
For the subscription, we support Euro, US Dollar and British Pound.
Do you support virtual services? Like webinars, workshops?
A virtual service is anything that you sell which can not be picked up or delivered at your door. A good example would be a webinar, or a song, or a consultancy of 1 hour... We do support it.