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Create personalised offers based on user behaviour
We help to score with your mobile users with a fast, personalised, and mobile optimised approach. Either based on our commerce check-out, or based on your internal shopping solution.
Make your touchpoints matter
An unforgettable online experience is based on knowing your customer.
Our smart algorithms capture and analyse chat input and apply it to the pop-up shops defined in Shopitag - or create new pop-up shops in real-time. We support chatboxes and popular chatbots, including your own chatbot.

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Context-aware recommendations
We help you serve contextually aware recommendations based on the stage of your customers buyer journey. Recommendations can be based on past purchases, based on the items that are in the customers basket, or heck - even the weather. Providing the right recommendations on the right time can increase your customers spending up to 40%.
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We move you to the next level
Data is the basis to make the right decisions to influence the customers buying decision. Using the insights of this data, we boost spending both offline as online.
Via Chatbots
Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps can bring tremendous value in terms of chat conversation. We hook our pop-up shops right onto these channels.
Via your website
Our unique integration with Intercom makes selling via chat possible. Learn how to link Intercom with Shopitag.
Via your app
A trusted app used by your (repeat) visitors can be the ideal springboard to create user engagement.
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