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How to sign up for Shopitag

In this video we get you through the registration process, which involves 3 simple steps:

- provide your email address
- provide basic shop configuration
- indicate if people will be delivered and/or can do pickup at your location
Starting with Shopitag: How to create a new Shopitag account
Product creation

In this tutorial we will explain you one of the most essential steps in Shopitag: defining the products your customers can buy.

Once you have a product defined, you can link it to one or more pop-up shops and start selling it.
Shopitag starters guide step 1 of 6: how to define a product on Shopitag

Assign products to your pop-up shop

In this tutorial we will explain you the second step in our 6 step-starters guide: linking a product to your Shopitag shop(s).

This step is mandatory if you want to start sell online via Shopitag. If you have no products linked, there will be no products visible for your visitors.
Shopitag starters guide step 2 of 6: how to link products to your pop up shop
Style your pop-up shop

In this tutorial we will explain the 3th step in our 6 step-starters guide: how to customize your pop-up shops so it aligns with your branding.

When you create a webshop there will be a default style set. You can change this default style by either using a predefined theme or completely customize it to your own likings using the advanced options.
Shopitag starters guide step 3 of 6: how to customize your webshop
Delivery or click-and-collect

In this tutorial we explain the 4th step in our 6 step-starters guide, how to create a pick-up point and configure your delivery service.

You have to activate at least one of these two options so your customer can select how they want to receive their goods. If you don't select minimal one, your clients won't be able to complete the check-out!

We also support virtual service, which are intangible goods.
Shopitag starters guide step 4 of 6: how to set a pick-up point and delivery service
Legal and mandatory information

In this tutorial we will explain the 5th step in our 6 step-starters guide: where to define your legal information.

Running a webshop requires you to follow certain regulations, and we highly recommend to update your legal information. Next to that, correct legal information will help create trust with your potential buyers.
Shopitag starters guide step 5 of 6: how to add legal information
Configuring payment means

In this tutorial we will explain you how to set your payment means. Setting your payment means is one of the most important steps to complete your online shop.

The most basic options are bank transfer and cash on delivery/pickup. You will find these under "I already have a payment contract". When clicking this option you will also be able to activate your Paypal, Stripe, PayU,... account if you already have such an active account.
Shopitag starters guide step 6 of 6: how to and why you should set your payment means
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