Optimise Facebook & Instagram Ads
Shopitag provides you a landing page for e-commerce

Stop wasting time on Ads that don't convert.
We've been there before.

You created an awesome looking Facebook or Instagram Ad, people click... and then nothing happens. Your visitor is not converting into a client.

Shopitag solves this conversion challenge via smart and simple shops.
Instead of landing on your traditional webshop where there's far too much choice, a Shopitag shop has max only 6 relevant products.

What people see in the Ad is what they get in your shop.
It is as simple as that.
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How it works
Choose your products
First select the products that you want to highlight in your new Facebook Ad. Now import the products into Shopitag, or define them manually.
Create your shop
Create your Shopitag shop, and assign the selected products to this new online pop-up shop.
Create your Ad
Create your Facebook or Instagram Ad, and reference your Shopitag shop in the configuration. Boom, they're linked!.
Make the magic happen
People that click on the ad, will jump right into your pop-up shop
“My Facebook Ads were linked to my shop. Didn't work, and yes I tried all the tips and tricks. Then I tried Shopitag and I understood what I was doing wrong all that time." — Stephane B.
Do you have some questions? Find answers below!
How much time will it take to set this up ?
First you do the creative thinking (what will be in the ad), then you create the ad, and in 5 minutes you can set up a pop-up shop in Shopitag, and assign the products that are in the Ad.
Can I compare results ?
Yes, you can compare the results of each ad, compare it to your benchmark and get new insights on how your product offering should evolve
As an agency we ran thousands of Ads. It hit us how many clients were struggling with having the right landing page in place. We believed a market-entry tool to make e-commerce ads really score was the one thing we needed. We didn't find such tool, therefore we created it ourselves. Enjoy it.
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Set up your shop and make those ads drive revenue like you always wanted.