How to set up Paypal with Shopitag
Paypal is one of those companies that survived the internet dotcom bubble still in the end of the 90's last century, and the remarkable thing is the company is still around. Even better, the payment service is still very relevant and popular in a lot of countries. In this article we explain you how to set up Paypal with your shopitag account.
In Shopitag, go in the menu to Settings, go to salesprofile and select the icon 'payment settings'. Then choose 'I already have a payment provider'. From the list, choose Paypal. (in case Paypal does not show up in the list, please contact us, for some countries it is not available)

Now open a second tab in your browser, and go to Log in to Paypal, and look in the menu for 'Tools'. Then click 'business setup'.
In Business Setup, you need to choose how you want to get paid.

Indicate that you want to get paid via a website (which will be your shopitag pop-up shop).

After clicking the blue 'Continue' button, you will need to indicate if you want to use the quick Paypal checkout (right side option), or the more extensive option where a consumer gets more freedom to choose with which card he can pay.

Choose the left-hand side option.
Now you need to indicate option A (work with a partner) or option B (you do all yourself). As Shopitag is a partner of Paypal and we integrated their payment system, you should choose option A, and click on 'Set up API access'.
On the next page, choose 'nvp/soap API integration (classic).' Click on 'Manage API credentials'.
Note that after clicking 'manage API credentials', it could be that Paypal asks you for an additional security check, which involves sending a security code to your mobile phone number.

After the security check, you will find the API keys that you need to complete your Shopitag payment settings.

Head back over to the tab of Shopitag. Indicate that you know your payment settings, and make sure you choose 'production' as the environment.

"Account email address" --> fill in the field value of Paypals API UserName.

"PSP User password" --> fill in the field value of Paypals API Password.

"Secret key" --> fill in the field value of Paypals Signature.

Save the settings and you are good to go!