What is Shopitag ?
In short, Shopitag is like a landing page creator, specificially created for e-commerce. The landing pages, we call them “Popup Shops”, and we’re primarily focused on mobile. This for the simple reason that more than 60% traffic on webshops today is on mobile. We help you sell using popular platforms like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and others. Shopitag supports the notion of hashtags #, and uses them to initiate conversations with consumers on Facebook Messenger and other social media platforms.

Shopitag is a SAAS platform that comes for retailers in a number of formulas: the ad landing page, bronze, silver and gold. For larger companies and global brands, we work in a campaign mode and this will always require a more customised offer. We’re happy to get in touch!

Does Shopitag ship to clients ?
Shopitag as a company does not ship products. Each shop on Shopitag is responsible for handling and shipping their own products, which means your order comes from the brand/retailer directly. Our platform offers its retailers also the click&collect method, meaning a consumer can go pick up their order at a certain pickup location.
What about Returns ?
Consumers that have bought something, have the right to return their purchased goods up till 30 days after purchase (unless the good is something that can be consumed, like food). When a consumer does a purchase, he will receive an email, either from us, either from the webshop of the seller.
How can I cancel my subscription?
At any point in time you can cancel your subscription, but at least 1 month before the renewal date of your subscription. A subscription is taken for 1 year. We plan to have in the future a month-by-month subscription. You can cancel your subscription by contacting us by logging in, and clicking top right on ‘support’, and choosing cancellation membership.
Via which channels people can enter my shop ?
You can link your Shopitag shop to your Facebook page. This can be done directly from within the Shopitag platform. By doing this, people can start to chat with your Facebook page on Facebook Messenger, and by doing this, they will receive a link towards your shop.
Do you support QR codes ?
Yes, we support both QR codes as Messenger codes. The QR code can lead directly to your popup shop, or first go via Facebook Messenger (recommended).
Can I link this shop from my website?
Yes you can. We provide a link, or a button that you can insert in your existing website. The possibility to link your webshop is available in the silver and gold plans.
How will people find my popup shop ?
Any merchant that creates publicity can make people find their shop! You can link the shop to a Facebook ad, you can put a buy button on your site, you can also generate # codes or a QR code wherever you want: in a printed magazine, on a leaflet, on your website, in a Facebook advert, on a billboard, even a television publicity ad is possible!
What do you do with my data ?
We have a privacy policy in store (aligned with GDPR regulation), and restrict access to our data. Customers in the silver and gold formulas have access to data analytics.
Which payment methods you support ?
We support multiple payment means, popular methods like VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, but also more local payment means like IDeal, Bancontact, Payconiq, SEPA, …
We also support banktransfer and for specific scenarios COD (Cash On Delivery).
Do you support a particular payment provider ?
We are linked with a multitude of payment providers. By default we require you to have a contract with the payment provider of your choice.
What if you do not support my payment provider ?
There are 2 options: either we start integrating your payment provider (we’ll do this if it’s a large PSP). If that’s not an option, we let you choose out of a list of our integrated payment providers. Prices for most payment providers are more or less the same.
When do I get my money ?
We do not handle the payment itself, this is arranged by the Payment Service Provider (PSP) that you contracted. So this question you should ask your PSP.
What happens if there is a return and a refund is required ?
The consumer will send the return back to you, and you need to provide the refund either via your PSP, or manually, or via the webshop that you linked to Shopitag.
After registration, I need to configure payment methods ?
As Shopitag is all about order & pay on mobile, the payment part is important. And without configuring the payment means in the Settings part in the platform, it is totally impossible for you to receive money when selling products.
Can I offer pay with cash ?
In theory it is possible, however we are not responsible and not accountable if a person orders a product via Shopitag, indicates payment via cash, and in the end does not show up. Offering products using payment with cash comes totally at your own risk.
Which payment means should I offer ?
It is important to offer those payment means that are popular in the country you deliver. For some countries most popular are credit card means, in other countries it is debit.
How do I configure my payment mean?
In the Settings part in Shopitag, when we have set available the payment means you requested, you can configure yourself the keys your payment provider has sent you.
Can I offer pay via wire transfer?
This is possible. However, this payment option comes, like cash, totally at your own risk. Shopitag will not pay you back in case the client who orders doesn’t do the wire transfer. Generally we advice only to send the purchased products after receiving the wire transfer.
I have an existing webshop, why Shopitag ?
In case you already have a webshop, Shopitag does not replace your webshop. Shopitag is an additional sales channel to help you sell your goods and products primarily via Facebook and Facebook Messenger. If you feel like your conversion with your current webshop is dramatic and needs improvement, be sure to check us out.
Can you put a link to my own webshop?
There is a possibility to put a link in the Shopitag popup shop to your own webshop. This means for customers that want to browse the full webshop instead of a selected set of products, they can do that.
Can I link my webshop ?
This is possible, but only in the silver and gold plan.
What webshops do you support ?
We support multiple webshop systems: Prestashop, Magento, Magento 2, Shopify, Opencart, Volusion, Etsy, Ebay, Interspire, Demandware, Salesforce, Woocommerce.
Why would I link my webshop ?
You can import your products directly from your webshop into our Shopitag system, avoiding that you have to create those products both in your webshop and on the Shopitag platform. Also, when someone places an order, we inject the order directly in your webshop.
Seems you don't support my webshop ?
As there are like hundreds of ecommerce systems out there, we have opted to support only the most popular ecommerce platforms, covering like 90% of the market. It can happen we do not support your system, however this does not need to be the end. We can push orders to a certain webhook you define in our system, allowing you to parse the order and import it straight into your webshop.
How will the popup shop look like ?
For large customers we can create a popupshop design totally custom-designed. For smaller shops, we recommend using our styling settings, which allows you to change the way the shop looks. You can adapt colors, logos, images and styles.
What is the maximum of products Shopitag supports ?
There is not a fixed limit, however we believe on mobile you need to provide targeted offers. So you should create segmented offers and link these for example to Facebook campaigns.
I don't have currently a webshop ?
No problem, Shopitag can be your brand new webshop 🙂

What payment options are available for Shopitag subscriptions ?
We accept payment a few different ways on Shopitag. We offer monthly subscriptions by credit card, and annual subscriptions by credit card or invoice/PO (check or bank transfer payment).
What payment options are available for monthly subscriptions ?
We accept payment by credit card for monthly subscriptions on Shopitag.

We do not accept payment by invoice/purchase order or check/bank transfer for our monthly payments due to the increased processing time overhead. Payment by invoice is only available for our annual subscriptions.

Can I pay upfront for a year ?
Yes. We are happy to take payment upfront for 12 months, and you receive 2 months for free in our annual plan. We accept payment with any major credit card (MasterCard, Visa), or via SEPA mandate (Europe only).

If you are a new Shopitag customer, you may sign up and pay for your annual subscription through the Billing option in your profile settings. If you are an existing customer and you’d like to move to an annual subscription, please email us directly and we’ll arrange it with you.

Note: All annual accounts paid for by credit card are automatically renewed at the end of 12 months. If you wish to opt out of auto-renewal, you can do so in your Billing tab.

Can I pay by invoice/purchase order or by check/bank transfer?
We only accept payment by invoice/purchase order or check/bank transfer for our annual subscriptions on Shopitag. Annual subscriptions may come with a discount.

To take advantage of this offer, email us directly and we’ll arrange it with you.

Do you give non-profit or educational discoutns ?
We try to keep all our prices as reasonable as possible, and we feel Shopitag offers excellent value in comparison to other equivalent services.

While we don’t have specific discounts for non-profits or educational organizations, we do offer discounts (as much as $275 off) when you sign up for an annual account. To take advantage of this offer, email us directly and we’ll arrange it with you.

Do you accept Paypal for subscriptions ?
We do not accept Paypal for monthly or annual subscriptions on Shopitag.
Do you offer pay as you go subscriptions or day passes?
We do not offer day passes or pay-as-you-go subscriptions on Shopitag. All of our subscriptions do not have a contract or cancellation fee, and you may cancel/renew your subscription at any time if you need to use Shopitag on an ‘as-needed’ basis. These changes can be made within the Billing tab of your Shopitagaccount once you have logged in.
Is there a contract or cancellation fee for my subscription ?
No. All of our monthly subscription plans do not have a contract or cancellation fee, and you may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time within the Billing tab of your Shopitag account when you are logged in.

In which countries are you active?
Shopitag is both multi-currency as multi-lingual meaning we can serve a large number of countries. We are currently supporting english, french, german, dutch and spanish.
Is there an API ?
Yes, there is an API. It is available specifically for chatbot developers and email marketing providers. Find out everything about the Shopitag API.
How fast can my shop be up and running ?
So after you did the registration, you can already request the payment means you would like to offer in your shop. Depending on the payment means, we will check which ones you need a PSP (payment provider) contract, and which ones can be added right out of the box.
I did not receive an email after my registration ?
Please check your spam folder to be sure it didn’t get thrown away by your mailfilter.
How can I pay for the Shopitag service ?
Either you pay via creditcard, either (for European customers) you can take a SEPA Mandate. If you take an annual subscription, we can send you an invoice that you can pay.
Do you take commissions on my sales ?
Like many other online platforms, paying the monthly formula will not cover our full costs we have in running and maintaining an ecommerce platform. The good thing is, we need and we really want you to make extra sales! We will do the best we can to generate extra conversion for you, as we take a small bit of the transaction. We both win, and what’s better than that ?
How should I compare Shopitag with other ecommerce platforms ?
We are an ecommerce platform that really focuses on mobile, and it focuses very strong on the link with Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

We also apply the notion of popup shops, something you won’t find in any other ecommerce platform.
Do you support chatbots ?
Yes, we have extensive support for chatbots and have made several chatbots ourselves. There is also an API available for you.
Do you do chat support ?
No but don’t hesitate to take a look at our friends of Cleverchat.
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