Shopitag: FAQ - General questions
Does Shopitag ship my products?
Each merchant on Shopitag is responsible for handling and shipping their own orders and products.
If you don't want to send orders via the postal office, you can let customers pick-up their orders in your store.
Can I link my own domain name?
Yes this is possible. You can do this in the starter or the pro plan, not in the freemium plan.
How quickly can my shop go-live?
Very quickly! Set-up typically takes less than 30 minutes. If you need to activate a new payment method, that may take you between 5 minutes and 24 hours, depending on the chosen payment method and payment provider.
How much does Shopitag cost?
Our pricing is very transparant and clearly to find on our website. Just go to the top menu :)

There is basically a monthly fee, and a small transaction fee to cope with clients that have a lot of volume.
Can I do my own branding and themes?
You can customise your shop as we fully support themes. So you can upload your own logo, choose colors... you can also choose pre-defined template themes if you don't want to bother with changing colors.
What happens if I do more than 3 orders in the freemium account?
First the good news: if you have 3 orders it means you are selling a product that your customers are interested in. The only way is up then!

When you have your third order done, your shop will still be live but it will be impossible to check out. Of course, you will be notified that you have done 3 orders and that you should take action to avoid disappointed customers.
What countries are you active in?
We have customers in 28 countries, mainly from West-Europe, North and South America, UK and Australia. More countries always welcome :)
What is the Post A Shop app? Does it matter?
You can use Shopitag in different modes. First, you can use it to make a webshop, and arrange your shop from our CMS admin system. Connect a domain name and make some publicity.
Second, you can use the Post A Shop app. With this app you can make pictures of products that you want to sell, and post them immediately to your Facebook news feed. The good thing is that we dynamically generate a webshop for you at the same time!
Do you support my payment provider?
For each country we have a defined set of payment providers we support. We support all major payment systems and payment methods. This doesn't mean we support every single payment provider out there, since there are literally thousands. Contact us if you are unsure.
Do you guys give support?
In the freemium plan we have most of the time a live support, however in freemium this is a best effort support.
In the paying plans 'starter' and 'pro' there is support via mail and even telephone (for pro customers).