Sales channels


Shopitag lets you sell through channels you and your customers already use today.

Our starters guide eases you into setting up your channels quickly and smoothly. The following options are possible right out of the box:

  • Facebook ‘shop now’ button: with one click or tap, your customers hit the button below your Facebook page’s cover photo, and your pop-up shop opens up.
  • Facebook shop tab: customers remain on your Facebook page while they browse your pop-up shop within it. This is good for user comfort, since your customers don’t have to leave your Facebook page.
  • Facebook Messenger: your customers can chat with your page and use a hashtag to call up your shop and enter it – you can link this hashtag to promotions or special campaigns, for instance.
  • Intercom chat: a chat channel that integrates e-commerce into your chats
  • Facebook advertisements: interested people can hit your ad and be taken right to the product on display, without having to wade through dozens of screens.
  • E-mail call to action: are you running e-mail campaigns or e-mail marketing? From a link in your newsletter or mail campaign, people open up your shop and can immediately start shopping.
  • Shop button on your website: with a neat code snippet, you can add a fully customizable button to your own website. All you have to do is copy and paste, you don’t need technical skills to make this work. Your shop comes to life with just one click or tap. This is ideal when you don’t want to create an exhaustive webshop but you do like the idea of monetizing parts of your website.
  • QR code: with a special QR code you can put anywhere you like (e.g. your real-world store or an ad in a magazine), customers enter into a chat conversation with your page, and can immediately enter your pop-up shop.

Would you like to know more?

If you belong to the more enterprising merchants or developers, you can get creative and look for additional integrations with other messaging apps, existing webshops or social media.

Curious? If you want to know more about how to integrate your pop-up shop with the standard channels, you can login and read the beginner’s guide, or go to our FAQ database.