Welcome to our ecosystem.

We actively look for partner companies and partnerships that are looking for e-commerce solutions to complement their own offering. We work with telecom providers, banks, payment providers and postal companies to make the online life of all retailers much easier.

What’s in it for you?

Helping your customers. That is the essence of doing business. The larger your business, and the more customers you have to serve, the more these customers will expect from you. You need to have an answer to their demands, and preferably a good answer.

At Shopitag, we know we can help lots of small and medium-sized businesses, and maybe this audience is exactly yours too. We can help thereby help you complete your offering. If you can offer your customers our intuitive, customizable and multi-channel approach at selling, these are the main benefits for you:

  • You round out your own offering
  • You can give your customers competitive alternatives
  • You have a tool that prevents customer churn
  • You can generate new revenue from under-served segments

We align with you

Different companies have different expectations. We always look for shared interests to see how we can best collaborate. Here are some things we’ve heard from other companies.

“We’re good at offering secure payment, but we have no expertise in setting up a shop.” A payment service provider
“We make Facebook ads day in, day out, but Shopitag boosted our revenues with its no-hassle, mobile-friendly approach to pop-up shops.” A marketing agency
“Thanks to Shopitag, our business bankers now have an easy and cost-effective e-commerce solution for their segment of start-ups and SMEs.” An international bank
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