Optimize your chat bots

Integrate webshop technology within your chatbot projects

Do you need to monetize your chatbot? Is your business client requesting a scenario that is too difficult or too slow to arrange in a normal chat scenario? Shopitag provides you with a solution for that: it lets you focus on the creative part of the messaging scenario, and for the monetizing part it helps you integrate an online pop-up shop into you chat.

How does that work?

First, you set up an online pop-up shop in Shopitag’s back-end and style and customize it exactly to your own liking. You can identify each shop you set up with a unique Shopitag hashtag. Once your shop is set up, you can call the Shopitag API during your chat to receive a unique link to the shop. You give this link to your chatting customer, who can then enter the shop and buy the goods or services they want.


The Shopitag system alerts you when an order comes in, and you can arrange your further chat scenario on that trigger.

Support for popular platforms?

The Shopitag API can be called by standard HTTP, so for example when you’re using a platform like Chatfuel, you can easily do a POST to our API and process our feedback.