Because your customers love personalised product offers,
Because your customers want to get what they see,
Because your customers want to purchase the moment they see it.
Create a mobile popup-store and link it to any of your communication channels to create an instant direct sales channel.

You will never again miss the sale momentum

Publication channels.

Our platform makes sure your customers find your popup shop via the channel they love.
Shopping window
Printed magazine
Social Media
Facebook Messenger


Any tag possible
Define actionable # codes which your user can scan, can click on, or type in Facebook Messenger
Fit for any screen
Shopitag shops are designed to look stunning on every mobile device
Whether your clients speak english, french, german, spanish, portuguese, .. all languages supported
Data driven
Shopitag provides you the insights and customer analytics that you require.
Incredibly Flexible
Configure the design of your popup shop just like you want it
Fits your clients channel
Your customers are on social media. Now make optimal use of it! We let you sell via Facebook, Facebook Messenger and other channels.

Let’s get started

You can create your own mobile popupstore right now. Our onboarding
tool will take you step by step to an actionable store, ready to welcome
your customers.
Start the onboarding
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