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Why your customerswill love you

Contextual shops, aligned with the needs of your customer
Create multiple small but contextual relevant shops. Static or dynamic, fitting the needs of your customer.
A true fit with the Ads and sales channels your customers use
Match ads with your pop-up shop, link shops with exact the sales channels your customers already use today
See what works and what doesn't

Learn from the insights our pop-up shops collect about your markets, channels, products and prices, and quickly adapt your offer

What you won't find elsewhere

Some extra perks you get
Multiple stores. Compare and benchmark.
You can manage multiple pop-up shops in 1 Shopitag account. Ideal if you run several campaigns, when you need temporary shops, execute A/B tests,...

Discover how to create multiple stores
Real-time personalisation
Fancy some advanced e-commerce ? By integrating with our API you can set up dynamic pop-up shops that are real-time segmented based on users behaviour and preferences

Learn more about product personalisation
Marketing Automation
With Shopitag you can easily retarget the visitors that come to your shops, and even better, you can recover abandoned cart in a very intuitive way

Getting started with marketing automation
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