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As an extra: the Shopitag App. 3 simple steps.

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1. Create a Facebook post in our App
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3. We create automatic a shop linked to the post

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Build 1 webshop. Or Multiple in 1 account.
You can manage multiple shops in 1 Shopitag account. Ideal if you run private sales, when you need a temporary shop, ...

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The interface is fast. The app is even faster.
The Shopitag app solves the problem for many small merchants that do not have the time to manage a webshop. 3 steps and you're selling online!

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Sell on Facebook, sell on Instagram, ...
Via Shopitag you manage your products, delivery methods and payment methods in one place, and you sell on as many digital sales channels as you like.

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What ❤️clients say about us
I stopped my previous webshop as I simply had no time to run it. After seeing how easy the Shopitag App is, I downloaded it from the store and within 5 minutes my first post and shop was online. Simple stupid!
Vanessa Stefferson
Shop owner in Manchester, UK
If there is one thing that stands out for me at Shopitag, is simply their high level of customer support. Even in the weekend they were fast to answer me.
Frédéric Pierson
Photography business in Paris, FR
I gave Shopitag a try for my Instagram account, and created some ads linked to some shops. Must say it's better than good, it's great!
Sara V.
Influencing from The Netherlands
I introduced this to my brother's fashion business, and he was sold like in 5 minutes. His online sales has finally taken off, so glad I could help him with that.
Pierre L.
Consultant in New York, US
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