Save time managing a shop for your business

Shopitag helps small businesses to turn a Facebook post into a online shop
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Our App. 3 simple steps.
Do in 5 minutes what took you 1 hour before
1. Create the post in our App
2. Publish to your social media from the App
3. We create automatic a shop behind the post

Why Shopitagwill work for you

Spot on. Capture the moment.
You want to notify your followers you have a last-minute discount?
A true fit with your busy life
We manually timed how much time it took to sell 1 single good and make publicity online with a well known competitor. The results were shocking!
Create products on the fly
Forget about wasting time in a backend of your shop. Our Shopitag App helps you to run your online business from the palm of your hand.

What you won't find elsewhere

When fast & simple is not enough, there is always Shopitag Plus
Multiple stores. Compare and benchmark.
You can manage multiple pop-up shops in 1 Shopitag account. Ideal if you run several campaigns, when you need temporary shops, execute A/B tests,...

Discover how to create multiple stores
Real-time personalisation
Fancy some advanced e-commerce ? By integrating with our API you can set up dynamic pop-up shops that are real-time segmented based on users behaviour and preferences

Learn more about product personalisation
Marketing Automation
With Shopitag you can easily retarget the visitors that come to your shops, and even better, you can recover abandoned cart in a very intuitive way

Getting started with marketing automation
What our clients say
Start to win back time
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