Ezyshop Project
1. The "BeCommerce Ezyshop project" (hereinafter: the project) is offered by: asbl BeCommerce vzw established at Sinter-Goedelevoorplein 5, 1000 Brussels with company number 0894.199.943.
2. The project runs until December 31, 2021 (hereinafter: the period) via the BeCommerce website.
3. Participation in the project is limited to: micro, small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to start up their ecommerce activities. The participating company must be established in Belgium. Only companies with activities (services / goods) aimed at consumers (B2C) can participate in this project.
4. The initial offer is completely free of charge. This project is funded by the Mastercard Impact Fund, with support from the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.
5. During the period, the following free offers apply:

BeCommerce membership
  • The participant receives one year of free membership at BeCommerce.
  • The participant gets access to all BeCommerce services, with the exception of the BeCommerce trust mark: research and data, network events, webinars, ADR, advocacy, ...
  • The participant gets access to a personal account.
  • This membership is not automatically renewed after 1 year.
  • Subject to approval of a sales order made for this purpose, the BeCommerce trust mark can already be applied for by the participant in accordance with the general BeCommerce conditions.

Sayl Retail Webshop
  • The participant can use a free 'full option' package for two months.
  • The participant can use a free email marketing tool (myMailMarket) for two months.
  • This offer is not automatically extended after 2 months. After this, the participant will have the opportunity to sign up for one of the two paid plans or a free "freemium plan".

BeCommerce Coaching Calls
  • The coaching calls consist of a number of personal conversations in which you are guided in the start-up or further development of your ecommerce activities.
  • Each participant is entitled to a free coaching call of 1 hour.

BeCommerce Practical ecommerce guide
  • The guide provides the necessary insights and information to get started with ecommerce. This practical guide is not intended to be exhaustive and does not replace any consultation with a specialist in the area.
6. The participant is free to indicate which of the previous offers he / she wishes to accept, or whether or not to include the package in its entirety.
7. Every participation in the project is registered by BeCommerce and processed upon receipt of the completed registration form.
8. BeCommerce reserves the right to validate requests and refuse (further) participation in the project. BeCommerce reserves the right to exclude participants who do not act in accordance with the conditions or if there is a suspicion of fraud or unlawful influence. Participants who demonstrably abuse the project can be excluded from further participation.
9. BeCommerce reserves the right to change, supplement or discontinue the terms and conditions of the project at any time in any way. This will be announced on the BeCommerce website.
10. In cases not provided for by these terms and conditions, a decision will be taken by BeCommerce
11. This project is exclusively governed by Belgian law. Insofar as it applies to this project, BeCommerce acts in accordance with the applicable regulations. In case of disputes, only the courts of the jurisdiction where the registered office of BeCommerce is located are competent.
12. BeCommerce is not liable for any typing, printing or typesetting errors. BeCommerce is in no way liable for any damage caused as a result of the project.
13. All personal data communicated by Sayl Retail to BeCommerce in the context of the project are registered in accordance with the data processing agreement concluded between both parties. Every affected individual has the right of access and correction. He / she can oppose the processing of this data for direct marketing purposes.
14. Questions or complaints about this project can be reported to BeCommerce via ezyshop@becommerce.be or via the contact form via the BeCommerce website www.becommerce.be.
15. By participating in the project, the participant declares to agree with the above conditions.